Why I decided to switch to tech

My journey so far


Hi, my name is Ajewole oluwaseyi joy. I hail from Ekiti state, but I was born and raised in kebbi state, Nigeria. I studied mathematics and education at Usman Danfodio(udus) Sokoto state. Graduated in 2021 and I'm currently serving (NYSC). I am an introvert, I love baking, and I'm easy going and friendly. Wondering why I decided to switch to tech😜, don't worry, continue reading 🥰..........

The curiosity

While growing up, I often ask myself "what is my passion?, what do I want and would love to do for the rest of my life?". Even though I have a lot of interests and hobbies, I'm curious about how any of these could manifest into a career, u remember I told u I studied mathematics and education, so often people would be like...

u all end up being a math tutor or a secondary school teacher!🙄.

When I am being asked what course I studied, I will be like I studied mathematics because I feel insecure adding education 😒. But I knew I wanted more, to do something different and more challenging than being a math tutor or teacher. I have always been curious whenever I use any app on my phone or browse different websites, wondering how the Internet works and how these apps are being built and have always had an interest in technology.

The switch

After my final project in school, I found myself at a crossroads where I didn't know what my next step was going to be. I had no plan, idea or guardians from anyone and I don't want to use my degree to teach. Due to my interest in technology, I decided to start from scratch and intensively learn everything in that area . Saw a friend status, "Abigail" on WhatsApp about a software engineering school @altschoolafrica I asked her about it and I went ahead to get a form and I applied for backend engineering🥰.

The journey so far

Due to the fact I have absolutely no knowledge of computers or programming, each day has been challenging yet also enjoyable, at first I always feel I can't do it and the concept has been so difficult to comprehend 😢. The community I joined has been a great help and I watch youtube videos and read articles to have a better understanding of some concepts. I started with HTML and CSS and have been practising. My first project was a postcard which was required when I wanted to apply for a frontend learning group for women by @arit. For the past "seven months" I have devoted myself to this and I'm happy with my growth, I will keep learning every day and I'm grateful for this opportunity.❤

Hope u enjoyed it, thanks for reading ❤🥰