Rules To Study By

When studying coding there is a way to do it, then there is a way to do it better. Here are some stand out bits of wisdom I recently learned from a mentor.

Make your study time intentional. This means, building time into your schedule to study, not just doing it whenever you think about it. Be specific about what time each day you set aside to make studying a real priority.

Have realistic goals. Saying to yourself, okay I will study six hours everyday for the next three months is not realistic. Burnout is doomed if you decide to study this way. It isn't sustainable. But setting aside 30 minutes a day every day for the next 60 days, now that's doable.

Set up a reward system. This will look different for everyone, but setting one up is essentially the same. You do the hard work and then you get the reward, easy! The only caveat is don't make the work so challenging that you give up in frustration, but don't make it so easy that you can accomplish it in your sleep. If you aren't sure, ask a trusted friend for their input. And the reward could be anything you consider a treat, a small bowl of ice cream, a massage etc... Just have the reward be on par with the goal you set.

Set a timer for your goal. I love having end dates or times, it helps me better visualize. When I do something with no timeframe associated with it, this makes me frustrated and feel like I am never going to get to the finish line. This is why I love using the Pomodoro technique. I also find this is great when you have a family, because it isn't too long that you have family members waiting hours but isn't too short that you don't think you got any real studying done.

So what are the takeaways to study coding or anything else for that matter better? Building your study time into your schedule, having realistic goals, setting up a reward system and having a timer when you sit down to study.