My Journey into tech...


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My passion as a kid was to become a pharmacist. Well, I ended up studying biochemistry in school😄. I started developing interest in programming through sci-fi movies. I didn't know anything about it or how to go about it but the results of those meaningless scripts marvels me.

when I had my first baby, I wasn't working. I stayed home to take care of my baby because I find it hard to leave my baby in someone else's care, especially someone I have no blood relation with. I started surfing online on a school that teaches coding but I wasn't satisfied with the ones I saw.

one day, I was discussing with my hubby and he mentioned about me joining a community called DABA, founded by Mr. Chris Ani. According to him, he likes the founder's energy towards this community and he feels that will be a great place for me to start my tech career, considering how hungry he perceives me to be towards learning and getting values. And the only way to join this community is by registering for a course. I searched through the courses they offer but didn't see programming. I had to register for UI/UX design course.

That was one of the best decisions I made so far because that singular action built the foundation I am currently standing on.

I was made the class captain during the boot camp based on my commitment and participation. With that role, I strengthened my leadership and team work skills. I compiled all the tasks given and till date, that's what my tutor is still using for subsequent boot camps after my set.

While still in the program, I met some of my colleagues that are already junior frontend developers. From our discussions, I grew more hungry on becoming a programmer, but I needed a guide on the steps to take rather than learning blindly. I believe there are hierarchical steps towards every skill for e.g in design, I would need to know about the core basics like colors, typography, fonts etc before starting to design user interface of apps.

On a fateful day, I can't stop thanking whatever that took me to twitter on that day. the first tweet I saw was and I quote :

" I want to sponsor 6 women and mothers that want to become developers at AltschoolAfrica, please indicate your interest under this thread and I will post the winners by 12pm today".* The tweet was already 3 days old. I checked my time and it was 11:23 AM and the deadline was almost few mins away. I quickly indicated interest and guess what??

yes, you guessed right💃. my name was the first posted on the winners list. That was the starting point of my programming career. And the awesome God-sent woman is Mrs. Arit Amana, founder of and she is currently my mentor.

I'm still on the learning phase and I will keep documenting my tech journey here and the milestones I have faced so far.

Thank you everyone for taking your time to go through my story. I appreciate 🙏.