If you want to master something, teach it...


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If you want to master something, teach it...

I'm a lover of learning. I derive joy in learning and exploring new concepts.

Would it sound weird if I say I like attempting difficult logical or mathematical questions?๐Ÿค” If it does sound weird to you, then probably I am weird. ๐Ÿ˜• Well, I like it not because I am a genius that can solve it within secs but because it pushes me to making more research about it and in the process get to learn new things. And I feel renewed and proud of my efforts whenever I finally solve that question.

When I started having kids, this habit of mine started depreciating. Not that the drive wasn't there, but the time to further research on a topic became limited as I devoted most of my time to my kids and my entrepreneurial work. I study and do my coding practices mostly at night. whenever I get confused, I quickly browse online to get the answers I need. if I wasn't satisfied with the answers, I reach out to my mentor Arit Amana and she always come through. I knew most of the basic javascript concepts in the theory aspect but wasn't solid on implementing them on projects.

On a particular day, I accepted an invitation from one of the groups in a community that I belong to, to teach them in one of their session. That was my first time teaching a group of people and I enjoyed the session.

That teaching made me realize some loopholes I have on that topic and I felt great knowing that I impacted value to others through my learning.

I created a YouTube channel the following day. I use this channel to teach whatever I have learned so far in tech. It makes me accountable and that pushes me to make more research on what I have learned and simplify it in any way possible so that a novice will not get lost while watching my videos. Now, I have an in-depth knowledge of the topics I have taught on my channel. This experience of mine justifies the saying :

"If you want to master something, teach it".

This is not limited to tech. It applies to all fields.

My YouTube channel name is Learn Tech with Ada. It's a month old. Thank you for reading.